New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance - NECWA

New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance is a non-profit environmental organization based in southeastern Massachusetts. NECWA staff are volunteers that dedicate their efforts to the protection and conservation of marine wildlife that live and feed in the coastal waters of the Gulf of Maine.

NECWA focuses on local issues in the New England area and collaborates with various private, government and non-government organizations to achieve its many goals. Through our research projects and educational outreach activities, we work to protect the whales, dolphins, seabirds, seals, basking sharks, ocean sunfish and other unique coastal marine wildlife off New England.

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Seabird & Whale Tales Spring 2015 Excursions:
Click HERE to learn more about these exciting all day marine wildlife trips!

2015 trips are Sunday, June 14th from 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. and Sunday, September 13th from 8:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.


NECWA supports a variety of research and educational outreach activities within the New England community.

Currently, NECWA is focusing on 2 main projects:

NECWA's research program is a collaboration with many government and non-government organizations including Bridgewater State University - BSU and Plymouth Whale Watch.

Keep updated on NECWA activities and programs in your area by reading our NECWA News blog - NECWA News

NECWA also has a number of fundraising events that help support the work that it does in the New England community.

These events include:A Greater Shearwater resting on the water's surface. Photo courtesy of NECWA.

Please visit the different pages within our web site to learn more about these exciting and educational fundraising events. And learn about the various research and educational outreach activities provided and supported by NECWA.

Below are some of the pictures of marine wildlife that can be encountered during our Seabird & Whale Tales excursions.

A pod of pilot whales near the boat. Photo courtesy of NECWA. A pod of lags. Photo courtesy of NECWA. A feeding basking shark. Photo by Matt Dube.


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