Help Us Equip the 2021 Interns

We need to equip our incoming Summer interns for the Diamondback Terrapin season with scientific instruments, PPE, and clothing to use while doing fieldwork. Every year we have to replace or replenish equipment. This year we also need to make fresh short & long sleeved T-shirts for wearing in the field.*

All donations help!
Here is how your gift can make a difference:
  • $6 buys an intern a mask (40 needed)
  • $10 buys a PIT tag (500 needed) (for tagging adult turtles-500 needed)
  • $40 buys small calipers (for measuring hatchlings-4 needed)
  • $100 buys a digital scale (2 needed)
  • $150 buys big calipers (for measuring older turtles-2 needed)
  • $175 buys 1 pair of binoculars (4 needed)
  • $200 buys a drone battery (2 needed)
  • $400 buys waterproof cameras (2 needed)
  • $500 buys an UNDERWATER drone (1 needed)
  • $600 buys a scanner to read the PIT Tags (2 needed)
  • $1,200 buys a new laptop for data input (1 needed)
  • $2,000 buys a new WATERPROOF drone (1 needed)
  • $5,000 funds an intern supervisor salary for the spring, summer, and early fall (1 needed)

Suggested Donation Amounts:

🧡 $500

🧡 $200

🧡 $50

🧡 $ Any Amount 

Select your donation amount after clicking the "donate" button

* Custom printed NECWA shirts, so that they can be identified as our interns. This is important as terrapins are a threatened species and not just anyone can muck around with them. NECWA has the Commonwealth’s permission to work with these animals

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