Dr. John C Jahoda Memorial Intern Fund

Dr. John C. Jahoda Memorial Intern Fund

NECWA would like to honor our dear friend and mentor, Dr. John C. Jahoda, through the creation of a Memorial Intern Fund established in his name. Dr. Jahoda inspired generations of biologists, scientists, educators, and conservationists, through the courses he taught at Bridgewater State University (BSU) and research projects in collaboration with NECWA staff and interns.

Krill Carson, our President, tells us why:

“John and I worked closely together at BSU on various courses, research projects and educational programs. The research topics we focused on were diverse and included whales, seals, sea turtles, ocean sunfish and basking sharks. John was the marine connection for students at BSU and he provided real-life learning opportunities, both in and out of the classroom. John and I collaborated on many projects which supported NECWA's mission of better understanding and protecting coastal marine wildlife. John provided a positive can-do attitude as well as the support and know-how needed to succeed. John was kind, funny, brilliant, supportive, generous and humble. He was a fabulous mentor and my "go-to-guy" whenever I had struggled to find the answer to a question, or needed guidance on research protocols, and so much more. I miss him and I know so many others do as well."

Will you help us?

Please donate today to help us establish this Memorial Intern Fund in John's name. We hope to raise enough money to fund a college student, Katrina Bingham-Maas, as our Intern Coordinator for NECWA's Southcoast Terrapin Project. Katrina has volunteered with NECWA since she was in high school and participated in a formal internship last season. NECWA needs her help in the field and in the office and your donation can make this happen!

Katrina Bingham-Maas
Katrina Bingham-Maas

Update on Equipping the 2021 Interns

While we were able to raise over $600 and received some generous in-kind gifts from our supporters, we are still very far behind in our funding for this season. If you have the ability to donate or to purchase equipment for us we appreciate it greatly.

Here are some of the items we still need — you can visit our Amazon Charity List to see more.

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