Direct Donation

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NEW! Donation Certificates

When You Give a Donation to NECWA as a gift, we will send the recipient a Donation Certificate like the sample pictured here. You name(s) will go on the Certificate as the donors. The certificate is designed to be sent in email, so, no postage is necessary!*. IMPORTANT you will need to let us know who you are donating in honor of... please use the "Write a note" option during your payment process to put in their name(s) and contact info.

donor certificate with hand drawn animal figures

The images on the certificate are all animals NECWA works with, clockwise from top right: Basking Shark, Ocean Sunfish, Torpedo Ray, Humpback Whale, Herring, Horseshoe Crab, Diamondback Terrapin (with eggs), and a Kemp's Ridley, Green, & Loggerhead sea turtle. (Identifications are included on the certificate)

*Please let us know if you would like a paper version to send the old fashioned way.

Other Ways to Donate

Shop NECWAs AmazonSmile Charity list to donate needed equipment directly. Also on the Amazon app.

If you would like to support us with our nature programs offline, you can send a check or money order to:
NECWA - New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance
11 Clarence Soule Drive
Middleboro, MA 02346

Please Help Support Our Efforts

Help support activities sponsored by the New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance by making a tax deductible donation today.

NECWA is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Make a general donation to NECWA or specify the project you would like to support from the list below. NECWA is an all-volunteer nonprofit so 100% of any donation goes back into our many projects and activities. NECWA thanks you for your generosity and continued support.

Projects your money will help support:

Marine Wildlife Research Project
This project is a collaboration with Bridgewater State University and Plymouth Whale Watching. Upper level high school students, undergraduate and graduate students participate in NECWA's internship program A humpback whale doing a chin breach. Photo courtesy of humpback and finback whales in Massachusetts Bay and Cape Cod Bay aboard Plymouth Whale Watching. Your support will help NECWA purchase the necessary field equipment as well as provide small stipends to participating interns.

New England Basking Shark and Ocean Sunfish Project
A community marine sighting network that trains public volunteers to report sightings of basking sharks and ocean sunfish in New England waters. NECWA staff also respond to ocean sunfish strandings that occur along the shores of Cape Cod Bay each fall and early winter.

The Nature Connection
This project focuses on helping to better connect the general public, especially young children, with the unique coastal marine organisms that share our coastlines. Your support will allow NECWA to purchase nets, scopes and other necessary equipment for these types of outdoor nature programs that help connect learners of all ages with coastal marine habitats.

Classroom and Community Marine Wildlife Presentations
Your support will allow us to continue to offer reasonably priced programs and free presentations to the general public and to students of all ages.

Educational Festivals and Events
NECWA attends many local festivals and events in New England as a way of getting the word out about the uniqueness of our coastal marine wildlife. Your support will allow NECWA to sponsor an educational booth that distributes free educational material and provides hands-on learning activities for festival participants.

Volunteer Members of Marine Stranding Networks
Members of NECWA are trained volunteers for a number of local marine stranding centers in southeastern Massachusetts, including the New England Aquarium Stranding Center and IFAW's Marine Mammal Rescue and Research Team. Your support will purchase needed field equipment and materials that allow NECWA members to assist at strandings of live and dead marine animals. NECWA staff and interns also assist with marine mammal necropsies that provide vital information about the cause of death and the health of the individual that stranded along our shores.